How to treat round modern coffee tables made of marble

Recently the round modern coffee tables made of marble have become very popular. They can be found almost everywhere: in the modest apartments, in the luxurious mansions and even in the offices.

Everybody knows that marble, as a material, is quite expensive, so people who are going to buy this furniture, as a rule, want to get it for a long period of time. So the professionals recommend considering the following items before purchasing.

Marble always requires careful cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, it can be cleaned using only the detergents in which there are no any acetic or citric acids. Mind that you shouldn’t use the dry cleaners with abrasives because they are able to damage the finish of your round modern coffee tables.

Unfortunately, it is quite easy to leave some scratches on the surface, but it can always be removed. The material density will not prevent it.

In use, the marble countertop must be processed with special protective agents at least once a year in order to prevent the damages and stains. Under such circumstances the polished surface will be properly protected.

Unlike other stones such as, for example, granite, the marble round modern coffee tables are very sensitive to the most commonly used substances. Wine, coffee, cola, and acidic juices can leave stains or make the surface rather dull.

If your coffee table is arranged in the kitchen, it should not be exposed to high temperatures. So the best way will be to use the special stands. Even a cup of hot tea is desirable to be put on the stand.

Also it is strongly recommended not to set any hot, cold or even sticky objects on the surface.

How to treat the surface of round modern coffee tables made of marble

How much effort does it take to care this interior item properly? – That is the question the answer to which is interesting to many contemporary customers. As a rule, the only thing you should think about is the necessity to be cautious.

  1. As it has been already mentioned, you should always use the special placemats, arranged under hot dishes and heavy objects that may leave scratches.
  2. If some juice or something acidic is poured to the surface, it must be removed immediately with a dry cloth.
  3. If you have the round modern coffee tables made of marble, which are used like the dining ones, you should pay attention to the fact that if you want to preserve their beauty for a long time, the best thing is to use the special placemats or cover your interior items with cloths.

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  1. Kateryna says:

    Hi, I’m not sure if you are just an information source or you actually sell the tables or could re-direct to their producers? I’m interested in wood and glass coffee table (rectangular with a goldfish metallic effect and mirroring elements) – could you please advice on the price and the size and delivery to Switzerland in case?

    Thanks a lot


  2. Deborah Walsh says:

    Hi, I’ve been looking for an interesting round modern coffee table, like the one at the top of this page – can you tell me how/where I can obtain one please?

    Thanks, Deborah

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