How to treat round modern coffee tables made of marble

Recently the round modern coffee tables made of marble have become very popular. They can be found almost everywhere: in the modest apartments, in the luxurious mansions and even in the offices. Everybody knows that marble, as a material, is quite expensive, so people who are going to buy this furniture, as a rule, want to get it for a long period of time. So the professionals recommend considering the […]

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The proper using of round metal coffee tables

Thanks to the excellent characteristics the furniture, which is entirely or partly made of aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and many other metals, has been firmly established in our lives. The service life of such items is generally higher than the one of their wooden analogues in several times. But, of course, your round metal coffee tables as well as other pieces of furniture require special care. Some basic […]

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Round glass coffee tables as the best decision for many premises

It is proved that one bright detail is able to change the entire interior. Have you ever heard about this idea? – According to the specialists’ point of view, in modern houses or offices round glass coffee tables are often able to play this role. In general, the designers believe that any coffee table is a rather universal piece of furniture. Why? – The matter is that this interior item […]

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Why we are choosing retro coffee tables

Would you like to travel in time? Most people all over the world will answer “yes” to this question. And, frankly speaking, it would be really a great opportunity indeed! The interior, created in the style of 50, 60, 70-s is now returning. It is in trend again. Especially this direction will suit to romantic and people, who adore to dream. In most cases people understand that retro style means […]

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 Popular and smart rectangular coffee tables

Rectangular coffee tables are considered to be a very important piece of furniture, which often serves as a focus and makes the interior complete, holistic and harmonious. These pieces of furniture can be completely different in shape, size, material of manufacture, but they must fit into the style of the room and carry out their functionality. Today these models are very popular. Why? What is the secret of their popularity? […]

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