Modern round coffee tables in the light living room

Today, the creation of the bedroom interior draws some special attention. And in the most cases the location and the size of your room are really not so important. This premise can be decorated in any style. For example, you can take some modern round coffee tables, which are able to bring some special atmosphere to your premise or to find something more extravagant. Choosing a color scheme of the […]

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Mission coffee tables : history and our days

According to the specialists’ point of view the interior design develops cyclically. Yesterday the living rooms as well as the bedrooms were almost hidden under the weight of decorative elements, ruches, tassels and stucco. And nowadays this ostentation is considered to be the top of the bad manners. A lot of people are sure that the spaces should be ascetically simple. It seems that this direction has been waiting for […]

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What haven’t you known about mirrored coffee tables

Not all of us know that in order to get any mirrored surface the skillful workers have to cover the glass with special aluminum or silver sputtering, which serves as a reflective layer. In this case the reflection coefficient is normalized. The surface of the mirrored coffee tables may be either treated by facet, or doesn’t have any decorative refinement. Some years ago the facet mirrored coffee tables were a […]

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The secrets of metal coffee tables according to Feng Shui

In the interior metal usually gives the strict, rigid and strong character to all the surrounding design. In ordinary cases. However, thanks to the warm tones, artistic forging and polishing, from this material it is possible to create almost everything you like. It means that the metal can be easily turned into a stylish accessory for cold minimalist diection, as well as become classical and cozy in the case of […]

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Peculiar features of metal and wood coffee tables

The standard piece of furniture, which can be easily seen in any room or apartment: in the dining room or living room, in the office or bedroom, is a coffee table, which is made of wood and has, for example, metal legs or frames. These interior items can play many different roles. For example, you can use them as a desk for working or a tray for serving meals during […]

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