Marble coffee tables: advantages and disadvantages

Despite the fact that for the manufacture of coffee table countertops it is possible to use a variety of materials, marble is often considered to be the most elegant classic variant. In the most cases marble coffee tables not only look nice. The specialists find this material an excellent one as to its durability and functionality. It means that with proper care you will be able to use this piece […]

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Mahogany coffee tables in modern interior

As a rule the redwood involves the following species: mahogany, brazilwood, as well as some kinds of timber trees of the genus petrokarpus (Pterocarpus), including red sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus) and Malay Paducah. The mahogany texture is usually plain. This wood doesn’t have any voids and inclusions. It is of reddish-brown color, which is darkening in the course of time. It is characterized by beautiful reddish shimmer in polished condition. Also […]

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Long coffee tables: what is the secret of their popularity?

Long coffee table is not just a beautiful addition to your living room interior. This is also a multi-functional piece of furniture and sometimes it is impossible to imagine our house or apartment without it. In general a long coffee table can serve as a dining item, sitting at which you can eat something tasty or drink tea in the cycle of the family. You can be also use it […]

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Contemporary living room coffee tables and other pieces of furniture

Interior for light bedroom is always relevant. The owners of small and dark apartments often use bright interior design for all the rooms and housing in general. That is a good reason to get different kinds of living room coffee tables. Designers believe that the interior should be created rather carefully, and you have to use as less unnecessary things as it is possible. For additional effect you can try […]

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Reasons to choose the light wood coffee tables for your house

Selection of colors includes many aspects, beginning from the personal preferences of homeowners and up to the size and brightness of the room. One of the advantages of light wood coffee tables as a piece of furniture is precisely the fact that they are able to increase the visual space. In a small room dark furniture can suppress much all the visitors, while the light one, on the contrary, brings […]

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