Nice and practical granite coffee tables

In general table is not just a detail of the interior and functional furniture that is a rather essential item in any home.  Many designers are sure that the most suitable materials for it are marble, granite, onyx and agglomerates. Choosing a table, we should take into account a great number of different factors, the most important among which is a using purpose. If you need a special and unique […]

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Glass top coffee table sets: all sorts of variants

Glass coffee table sets are considered to be a great solution for classic and modern interior. There are many reasons for it. They do not overload the space, absorb very little light, and combine perfectly with other materials such as wood, metal, stone, etc. Thanks to modern technologies the glass can be given any shape, from the playful to the precise geometric wavy. Therefore, the main decorative accent of the […]

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Why do we need a glass round coffee table?

Of course, tastes differ, and the modern production offers us a great variety of various pieces of furniture. But now we are going to discuss a glass round coffee table. What is a reason of its popularity and why so many people use it all over the world? As the name suggests, we can see that it is designed to make our tea parties or family gatherings more comfortable. This […]

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Glass topped coffee tables: what is a secret of their popularity?

Have you already known what new fashionable trend has appeared recently? Not yet? – OK, frankly speaking, in the interior it is considered to be a relatively new direction, so it is not surprising that somebody hasn’t heard about it. What is it? – Glass topped coffee tables, of course! What are their advantages? And why do they deserve such popularity? Let’s find out the answers. First of all we […]

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Glass coffee tables in a modern interior

Nowadays glass coffee tables are considered to be an indispensable thing in any apartment or house.  You can meet them almost everywhere. But have you ever think what a secret of this popularity is? – The matter is that this piece of furniture really plays a very important role in the contemporary interior. Frankly speaking, we can use it in many different ways, for example, for the storage of our […]

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