How can we use a convertible coffee table

Nowadays the coffee table is arranged in almost every house or in a luxury hotel. You can also see it in the reception room of the successful businessmen. These products tend to have a compact size, so they can be used even in the very limited spaces. Special attention should be paid to such a progressive furniture model like convertible coffee table. When is a convertible coffee table really suitable? […]

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A modern coffee table with storage

Nowadays coffee tables can be used at homes, in offices, in beauty salons and in any places where visitors need to spend some time waiting. Despite of their small dimensions, such tables usually serve as a place for storage different kinds of newspapers, magazines, stationery, or as a stand for a landline phone or flowers. In addition, sitting at it people often have a cup of coffee / tea with […]

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Coffee table with drawers: how to arrange it properly

The low and tall, round, oval and rectangular, with shelves, wall units, drawers, and without them, models of strict proportions and unusual design… Nowadays the choice of this piece of furniture is really endless. Wood coffee tables with drawers are represented not only by models in a classic style. Sometimes they may remind an unusual bench, take the form of a functional module with a section for storing remote controls […]

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Modern coffee tables with chairs

Modern people are used to relax, to drink tea or coffee, to eat their lunch, to welcome guests as well as to work in the living rooms. Therefore, in this premise we should have a special coffee table with chairs for all these purposes. Coffee tables… Have you ever think about this name in general? How can we use this piece of furniture? – Of course, not only for having […]

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A trunk coffee table in our interior

Many people know that trunk is the oldest ancestor of the modern furniture. The historians say that the first ones were found during excavations in Egypt, and the ancient Greeks used the chests, not only for storage different things, but also as couches and benches. Some of us successfully use the internal spaces of their modern furniture (sofas, ottomans and kitchen benches) for storing various things. This simple way helps […]

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